Brian Slaton

Licensed Customer Advocate

Brian is exceptional at customer service but is also valued at Short Family Agency because of his extensive fish knowledge. He is our “go to” when it comes to caring for our Betta fish in the office. At home, he has catfish, angel fish, blue gouramis, fancy tail guppies, and even a hermit crab and cat named Buddy.

Brian also has extensive historical and geographical knowledge. He was born in New Jersey but has also lived in New York and Delaware. He graduated from Rider University with a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies and a minor in history; it’s no surprise that history was his favorite subject in school. He can locate just about anywhere on the globe, and would like to globetrot to Italy for a month at some point. Until then, he enjoys vacationing at the Jersey shore and the Caribbean, where he swam with sting rays and sharks.

Brian also has good working knowledge of and interest in cars. His first car was a Chevy Suburban and his favorite car is the Ferrari F40. He subscribes to several relevant magazines including Road & Track, Car & Driver, and the British version of Top Gear. His role as a licensed customer advocate allows him to discuss cars regularly, and he truly enjoys helping clients and coworkers.

Brian has been helping others for his entire professional career. He started out working for a bank, where he built a foundation for respectful and pleasant customer service. He worked for other insurance companies before coming to Allstate in 2004, and he’s been keeping residents of New Jersey “in good hands” ever since.

Hidden talent: can talk like Donald Duck

Favorite charity: Making Headway

Favorite childhood TV show: Bugs Bunny featuring Tasmanian Devil

Office fish name: Blue Devil

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