At the Short Family Agency, we take a proactive approach to insurance. We work with you to identify and analyze your potential areas of risk and we present you with insurance solutions to properly protect your assets based on those areas of risk. Whether you are purchasing your dream car, buying your vacation home, starting your own business or expanding your family, we offer a full range of innovative, specialized insurance products and services to meet your needs. Our experienced insurance professionals will help you put together a “perfect fit” insurance package that protects all of your vehicles, your property and your well-being – from home and auto insurance solutions to life insurance coverage.


Property and Casualty

Protecting your car, home, and family is one of the most important decisions you can make. You want to be sure you’ve got the best auto insurance, homeowner insurance, and personal umbrella insurance coverage available at a competitive price. Our property and casualty insurance solutions offer you the protection and flexibility you need at an affordable price.

Automobile Insurance

When you’re on the road, you want to have the right coverage that will protect you and your family in the event of an accident or other loss. Since accidents do happen, it’s no wonder that car insurance is required by law. We’ll help you make sense of it. We offer superior policies that include features such as accident forgiveness, violation waivers, deductible rewards, a safe driving bonus, referral rewards, and a claims satisfaction guarantee.

Homeowners Insurance

Your house is not just a roof over your head. It’s one of your largest investments. It’s your family’s home and it holds those things you value and worked hard to acquire. When it comes to keeping your home safe, you need the confidence that your homeowners insurance policy will truly protect your family’s financial security. We can help.

Condo Insurance

Owning a condo can be rewarding, but sometimes things can go wrong when you least expect it. Your pipes can freeze, your toaster oven can catch fire, and there’s always the possibility of theft. We can help protect you, your belongings, and your friends and family. Unlike many carriers, we offer a policy that handles features such as master policy deductible coverage and loss assessment coverage.

Renters Insurance

When you’re renting a home, apartment or condominium, your landlord’s insurance does not cover you. If you want to protect what is yours, it is your responsibility. For very little each month, you can insure your belongings in a rented property against loss due to theft, fire and even extreme weather. Additionally, there is liability coverage to help protect your assets from accidents and injuries that occur inside your home, as well as accidents that occur outside of your home that are caused by you, your pet or your property. (Please note that this does not include car accidents.)

Motorcycle Insurance

Your motorcycle is an extension of who you are as an individual. It gives you the freedom you crave on the open road. Enjoy your ride even more by making sure you have the right insurance coverage for your bike. We’ll help you do that with a customized policy.

Boat / Jetski Insurance

There’s nothing like a day of fun on the water. Whether you are fishing, sailing, zipping around the bay, waterskiing, or just hanging out, boating is a great way to relax. The coverage you need will vary depending on your type of watercraft. We’ll help you get the protection you need for your boat, yourself, and your accessories.

Flood Insurance

Floods are the most common and costly natural disaster, yet standard homeowners, condo, and renters insurance policies do not cover flooding. And floods can happen anywhere, even in areas no one believes to be high risk. 20 – 30% of all N.F.I.P. flood insurance claims are paid to people in low to moderate risk flood zones. And there are sadly many more losses that are never paid for in those same areas because flood insurance was never purchased. We’ll help you decide what coverage options will best serve your needs and your budget. Are you willing to gamble your home, your possessions, and your financial well-being on a flood?

Landlord Insurance

As a landlord renting out your investment property, you have a lot on your mind. Finding the right tenants, keeping up with repairs – the list goes on and on. With superior Landlord Insurance, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Let us help you protect your property, your investment…and yourself.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

What happens if a claim costs more than the limit on your car or home insurance policy? Unfortunately, any amount owed that is over your policy limit is your responsibility and can be financially devastating. The good news is, you can easily protect yourself from large claims by adding low-cost umbrella insurance to your policy. We can help.

Off-Road Vehicle and ATV

When you use your ATV to ride those backcountry trails, you need to know that you have the necessary insurance protection should an accident occur. We’ll guide you through the unique coverage that ATVs require so you can relax and enjoy your adventure. We can be with you for every jump, dip, and turn.

Snowmobile Insurance

Don’t let your snowy adventures get cut short because you didn’t get the right coverage for your winter fun! Before you check the forecast to see how much powder to hope for, make sure you have the right snowmobile insurance to cover your sled and your assets. We can take care of that.


Business and Commercial

When it comes to your business, large or small, you cannot afford to operate without the right protection. You need a partner to help you accurately identify and measure your exposure and present you with flexible coverage options. Our business and commercial insurance solutions are designed to help minimize your potential liability by providing coverages that can respond to the unique risks of your unique business.

Commercial Automobile Insurance

Whether you own a small landscape service or have a fleet of vehicles to insure, we’ll help you select commercial automobile insurance that provides valuable protection for your company-owned vehicles, leased or rented vehicles, and your employees’ vehicles used for business purposes.

Liability Insurance

As a business owner, you are potentially liable for every product, service, and operation relating to your business. While sound procedures may be enforced throughout your organization, the reality is that no person or machine is perfect. Liability insurance is designed to protect business owners and assets from a variety of exposures.

Workplace Benefits

Your employees are a valuable part of your business, and you need to reward them with an excellent benefits package. From medical insurance to supplemental benefits solutions to value-added services, we take a strategic approach in crafting a workplace benefits plan that meets both your business goals and your employees’ needs.


Life Insurance, Long-term Care Insurance, and Disability Insurance

Life is unpredictable, even for those who plan ahead. But you can have peace of mind knowing that the choices you make today can help protect you and your loved ones when the unexpected happens. Our life insurance solutions offer comprehensive options critical to the longevity and success of your family’s lifestyle.

Life Insurance

What would happen to your family’s dreams, ambitions and finances should an unexpected death occur? The financial future of your loved ones can be secure with the right life insurance policy. It can provide your family with the means to maintain their standard of living, take care of your final expenses, pay for a child’s education, pay off the mortgage, and much more.

Long-Term Care Insurance

With life expectancy continuing to rise, you need to make sure you and your family are prepared for financial challenges today and tomorrow. Don’t let long-term care expenses deplete your family’s savings. A long-term care insurance policy helps pay for the care you need when you can no longer care for yourself. It may protect your family’s financial future and your own investments and savings.

Disability Insurance

Your income is your most valuable asset and is the foundation for a solid financial plan. Help make sure you can maintain your lifestyle and protect your family’s future if you become too sick or hurt to work. Disability insurance can help you meet expenses and maintain your standard of living if you’re unable to work due to a sickness or injury.

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